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Daily Prophetic Word August 9, 2017

The Father says, “Are you feeling like opposing rubber bands are pulling you in two different directions? Forks in the Road offer options with different outcomes. Know that no matter which road is taken, your destination will eventually be the same. The road that is not a direct route is not necessarily the wrong road. Understand that what has been blocking you, has opened up a new door where the immediate will take on a new shape, but I will give you unending favor here just I would over there.

I do not consider this a delay, but merely a chance to elevate you now in areas that were originally for your later. There are many positives to both paths. Release the mindset that one is the lesser or second best choice. I will make this other direction just as brilliant. You are not walking in lack but abundance. I will take care of what has come against you. I will not let anything keep you from the Promises I have spoken over you. They are yours!

I will protect you from dangers that you could not even see or fathom. My Eye is always watching over you. Do not let your heart be troubled. You will not miss My Voice or Hand over this situation. Keep your head held high. I am so proud of You! No matter what, you would not quit or give up. This attitude is going to take you further than you will understand right now.

Find that the enemy at your door has left. Defeat is in the air for him. You hold the power to crush the very dragon that intended to pound you into the ground. You are unstoppable, so choose to carry that Song and Chant wherever you may travel. When he hears your footsteps he will flee. Stand in this hour and push back against what has placed a target upon your soul. You are more than a Conqueror. You are My Royal Beloved who was made for this.”

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