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Daily Prophetic Word August 3, 2017

The Father says, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger. If you cannot resolve it today, come to Me for peace beyond what man can comprehend. I will take away what you cannot do for yourself. I understand what you are feeling better than anyone else could. I will show you what you are missing. I will reveal the unseen so that you have wisdom from a heavenly perspective. Try Me and See that I do what I have said.

I will calm the roughest of seas and heal the deepest of wounds. Do not let the enemy plant seeds of discord in your heart and mind. You know full well it is based on lies and deceptions spoken at an angle. I will take you high above the noise to see what is being laid as a trap. You will leap right over it. When you see this person through My Eyes your desire to quarrel will cease.

I have better things for you to focus on that will breathe life into anything wilting around you. Distractions will cause you not to tend with parts that are in real dire need. What flares up will settle down. Choose your words wisely, and let Me deal with the rest. No sense in adding fuel to a fire that I Am working to put out. You are just traveling through some areas. Do not think you are to stay and address matters just because people are demanding it.

Keep your emotions in check. I Am here for you always. There is nothing too big that I cannot manage. When the world comes crashing in, I will take you to a safe harbor. Rely on Me! I have not given you a compass and no wind to push you along the way. Everything is going to work out for My Glory. Trust the timing and seasons. You are walking well above that water today. You have grown much and I Am so proud of You!”

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