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Daily Prophetic Word July 18, 2017

The Father says, “Will I not write upon your Heart desires that are from My Throne? Many are standing around saying they only want My will thinking that their own will is always evil. I breathed My Spirit within you. If you seek a direction, that is out of My will, do you not expect Me to speak up? I know how to close doors and open doors. Surely, I will guide you in all matters.

I placed the Blueprint within your Earthen Vessel. My Sheep know My Voice. Step out and watch what I do. When your heart is in the right place, then you will not miss the mark, even if I have to send a gust of wind to help you along. I will walk with you daily. I Am already there before you reach that moment of Joy or Distress. Nothing catches Me by surprise.

Your steps are ordered and it is well past time to enjoy the journey. I have promised that you will love the outcome. Let regrets and disappointments fall away. What I have for you will well outweigh what did not come to pass. Do you trust that I will keep My Word? I only have Goodness for you, for My Love will not allow anything less.

The Sun reaches the highest peak in the Sky, but you are not under any limits from the natural. Keep your eyes wide and your mind focused on My Protection. You are under My Wings, and as we soar to new heights and depths, you will come into the understanding that I Am for you in all things. Look for New Vision to come over the next three months. You are being upgraded!”

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