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Daily Prophetic Word July 15, 2017

The Father says, “What has come against you will be destroyed. Do not concern yourself with what did not align, for you are Mine. When one door closes, more will open under My Authority. The naysayers do not have power over your life unless you let them. Trust in where I have you and what I am up to in your life. You are going into a beautiful forest full of paths that all lead to what I have for you. You cannot go wrong no matter which one you take.

Believe for I have an umbrella of protection around you. I will not set you up for failure. This is a time of open possibilities under My Blessing. The path that once was narrow is becoming wider with more fulfillment and joy. Your season of sorrow is being replaced. Allow My healing balm to establish wholeness like you have never known before. The New Dawn is yours to Embrace the warmth of My Love each and everyday.

Stars fall into alignment and come out of with patterns of glory in all moments. Your life is much the same. Find the Glory when moments are in order and when they appear to be out. I am in your presence through it all. I will hold your hand and lead you by the still small brook or through the raging river. You will Live and not Die. Greater is the latter days!

2017 will come to an end with all of the pieces flowing together leading to a smooth transition into 2018. Roads that intersected for awhile will finally go in different directions. Even when the journey does not look the way you have planned, know that you are not without My Care and Special attention. I know the disappointments that linger in your heart and I will make you forget the years of pain. Release it all to Me, and I will set your heart a fire once more!”

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