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Daily Prophetic Word July 6, 2017

The Father says, “You are My Burning One! Where once I spoke through a bush, but now I speak through My Sons and Daughters. Choose My ways and you will see the Unimaginable as waves in the Ocean. Heaven is closer in this Hour. Hear the Celebrations taking place in your honor. Let what is to be make room in the void of what is past.

I promised to give you Joy for your sorrows. Seasons come and Seasons leave. What I have for you is worth far more than all of the jewels of royalty. I will erase what was less than My Best in your days. I am near to the brokenhearted and I weep when you weep. What you sow in tears will you reap in a beautiful harvest.

Doors are closing all around you. This is for your good and not a detriment. Do not chase after what is behind you even when it was a blessing for a time. I have more for you and until you let go, I cannot fill your hands once more. Trust Me for I will not fail you. The stepping stones before your feet will safely take you through the Valley, over the Sea, through the Forest, and over the Highest Mountains.

As the Sun Sets over the Beauty of Yesterday, the Sun Rises In the Valley, over the Sea, through the Forest, and over the Highest of Mountains. Look with anticipation to the Grandest of Landscapes yet to be seen! For Behold I do a New Thing! Do not look for what I already did for I am not there. Let your Eyes fix upon what has never been becoming the Favor Multiplied and Multiplied again. Your Future is Bright and Endless in Possibilities.”

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