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Daily Prophetic Word July 4, 2017

The Father says, “The captives rarely know the day of their release and yet that moment comes Suddenly with Thunder. Understand that in the times of losing all hope is when the enemy knows you are close to your breakthrough. See the fog and confusion for what it is, a mere distraction away from the truth of your situation.

There are prisons that you placed yourself in and ones that came to be because you were doing everything right. The truth does not change. I came to set the Captives Free and that is a promise that I will deliver upon. So look again, for the door is about to swing open. Is there any cage that can hold My Precious Sons and Daughters?

Do not miss what I am doing. Just as you saw Me send the Called and Chosen in My Word, to set the Captives Free, I am still sending those messengers even NOW. Many hear their words and shout ‘Stone them’ because you believe the lie that you are not lost to some deceptions. Many have lost their way because of strayed teachings from centuries back still being passed down. Many more see the freedom and cry to go back into bondage instead.

There are teachings that you have learned that you must unlearn. I have put My Plumbline in your midst, but their words are foreign to the ears far and near. Each man has gone on according to his own beliefs walking in the traditions of men. I am bringing order to the misguided Bride. Some will walk away from the faith because they will not accept correction. Your identity is in Me and not what is being torn away. The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. Be one who seeks Heaven as a Prize worthy to not let go of.”

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