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Daily Prophetic Word June 18, 2017

The Father says, “Promotion is upon you in mere hours. Many are experiencing active labor which has caused confusion and exhaustion. You will give birth to what has been developing on the inside shortly. Do not allow discouragement to fill your heart and mind. You are almost there and soon you will hold in your hands the Promises that I have birthed forth through you.

It has been a long season indeed. The opposition has been great but you did not crumble. You stood for the truth and your faith has increased in My Name. The enemy warred because what you carry will break the schemes and strongholds for millions and millions. You are more valuable than you know. You possess the very New from My Kingdom being released into the Earth Realm.

Many hoped you would abort this gift growing inside, but you held firm. What people tried to knock out of you and steal for themselves will be increased to you. I see what others have done against you with ulterior motives. You are worthy before Me. You have proved just how trustworthy you will be for My Namesake.

This is a one of a kind time in your life. Not because there is not more magnificence yet to come, but because you are witness to something uniquely special for this time in history. Who I am raising up in the Kingdom right now are secret weapons against the enemy. They walk in rare and new mantles never seen before. The territories that you believe have been permanently lost will be won back again. Be wise and do not grow complacent to sin in these crucial days.”

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