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Daily Prophetic Word June 17, 2017

The Father says, “When you look with envy at another you are denying the unique radiance that I created within you. I placed deep inside of YOU gifts and anointing to carry out your special call and destiny. While you are wishing you were someone else, you are forfeiting what only you can do for My Namesake. I do not make mistakes or junk.

Think of who is benefiting from you believing the lies of the enemy. Do not hold back another so that you may gain over them. If I have called you and if I have called them, then be My People with open hearts and minds. Did I not foresee what was necessary for this generation? Did I not know who would say Yes to My Calling? Then forsake the desire to be a stumbling block to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

I see neither male nor female. All were created in My Image and All have My Thumbprint upon them. I call both equally and will place My Mantles upon Both equally! You will answer to what you do against My Chosen. Those that oppress the ones I have sent will answer and be judged. Nothing escapes My Watchful Eye. Who would you have better gain listening to, My Messengers or the enemy who wants your very soul. If you cannot tell the difference, you should start sitting at My Feet until you can discern with Divine wisdom. Claiming that you do and actually doing are very different indeed.

The Page has Turned! What was acceptable for children to do is not for My Royal Sons and Daughters. You have long outgrown the milk. It is time to get priorities together. You are a blessing and highly favored in My Eyes. Choose to live as My Palace Royalty, and not in the barn with the animals. You make countless decisions each day. Be mindful of whose Child you really are. I so Love You!”

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