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Daily Prophetic Word June 16, 2017

The Father says, “I am releasing a New Song over your life this day. One of Valor and Strength. Many have lost the will to fight, but I am coming in and through you to remove the weariness and set you upon the firm foundation once more. Find that in this season, you will accomplish more with less time. Your long to-do list will be seem manageable where once it overwhelmed. Be mindful not to fill your new found free time with more busyness.

You are moving into a new awakening in who you are in Me. You will understand with spiritual wisdom what the natural realm could never give you. I have not raised you to be ignorant so choose not to live a life in a slumber. People will pull you from all directions. Do not allow this to be your guide. What seems right to man may not be the way of life but of death. Consider carefully which way you will go.

Listen closely. My people are in a time of a great divide. Do not be alarmed by what transpires, for I am taking My True Bride to New Places within My Kingdom. Those living a life in deception will choose to stay in that darkness. Screaming at the darkness will not change their minds. Pray earnestly for it is by My Spirit alone that they will awaken into the light. Keep your hands and hearts pure in your dealings before Me. Be strong in your convictions, but in Love with your words and actions.

I hide and I reveal. Remember that I have a purpose and a plan. Be humble for this brings honor to your life. Deal with sin quickly before the roots grow deeper in your life. Choosing to overlook the log in your own eye will do you no good and only harm all that I send you to. I have set before you new surprises of favor that will unfold one by one. Forsake the mindset of less and receive all that I have to offer. Only you can say no to a life of abundance.”

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