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Daily Prophetic Word June 12, 2017

The Father says, “Angelic activity is picking up over the next 6 weeks. Breakthroughs in common and uncommon fashion are coming swiftly. What was too strong for you to deal with is ending by My Voice and Command. You will taste and see all that I have for you in this hour. What you have labored for is reaching the natural realm as promised.

What could not shake you, will not. What could not bind you, will not. You have reached the limits of where you are and now it is time to be set upon places where there is no floor and there is no ceiling. I am proud of you! Forget the naysayers who only hoped for your demise. You have graduated. You are here for such a time as this!

The strange and unfamiliar will turn into normalcy soon enough. The clock gears have turned and lined up precisely for this moment. Spend time enjoying this moment in your life. Many fail to stop for a moment to embrace the Glory and feel My love during these times of transition. You have been through much and this much is why you are able to soar to the next.

Even when you climbed over boulders that broke way into mountains, I kept you safe. If I told you that you are in the Palm of My Hand, then how did you get out? Nothing has changed so forsake what others whisper. I have you close, so close to Me. I will take you from Glory to Glory. Nothing is impossible and nothing is too hard for Me!”

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