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Daily Prophetic Word June 11, 2017

The Father says, “My Eye is on the sparrow. I am watching over My creation. The times and seasons are under My control. You are the most important part and therefore My attention is especially present. Sometimes you must let go of the outcome in order to see exactly what I am doing for you. What you believe is right and just is not always what will take you in the correct direction. Christ died which was neither right or just and yet it is the largest blessing to mankind I could have given.

Let go of the outcome and let me take the reins. The way may seem counterintuitive but still be the correct path. There is purpose even when no reason can be found on the surface. I will show you, as you dig deeper in the spirit. My desire for you is to grow and walk in more not less. Mankind has not reached his limits in the natural or spirit realms. There is still so much further to go. The time has not run out. Grab onto your call and destiny and Run the Race!

Your future, Your Hope is centered in Christ. Ask yourself, ‘Why 2000 years came to pass since the Cross and why My Creation continues on?’ Does it not seem to reason that I Am not finished yet? When I began from the start, I drew into the plans a Garden that fell to sin. I knew what would happen and offered up the payment that man could not pay. Open up your minds to understand that I have given time for the lost to repent. Be My Love, My Arms, My Hands to those in need.

You are the Blessing the World is desperate to find. Do not let rejection discourage you. Is not the one as important as the ninety-nine? I will come on the inside of you to strengthen and replenish. Do not lose your rewards for a job less done. I tested Abraham by asking him to give up his promised child. I already knew what he would do, but he needed to know what was in his own heart. Find that testing brings you closer to My heart and Favor will come like unending waves. I am clearing your to-do list. You are shifting in this hour. Get ready for what is coming next!”

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