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Daily Prophetic Word June 9, 2017

The Father says, “The road will narrow and the road will widen at My Command. There are times I will give you more liberty in your choices, while other times, I expect complete obedience in what I say to do. Many lose their way because they do not discern the moments. I created you with a will and desire. Many give up all of their desire believing that this somehow pleases Me. They misunderstand thinking I want a slave as opposed to a friend. I will ask you what your heart desires because it pleases Me. I will graft in your desires to benefit the divine blueprints. I am doing life with you. Your willingness to follow My Lead with Joy deepens our relationship.

So come before My Throne and tell me what you desire. As I asked King Solomon that very question, I knew his heart. Beyond what was requested, I had a desire to give an abundance no one could do for him. Stop thinking that I will not bless in ALL areas of life. All means All. Stop limiting My Hand by making tiny requests. My storehouses have no limits. If there is room to contain all that I have given you, then you have asked for little. My Love is free, so there is no earning involved. Forsake the religious mindsets that call for a stripped down life. You will only close the very doors of favor that I have set before your feet.

Mankind was set to prosper. This is your portion. What good does your suffering and lack do for Me? If I show you a Heaven of Glory, why would the Earth realm be a garbage can instead? I am not double minded. I will not dangle a carrot in front of your nose only to remove the blessing as you get closer. What you believe about My Goodness will set the atmosphere to open or close doors. Some are establishing a life much harder to plow because they have built their lives in infertile soil. You are the temple and what you take in and send out brings forth to be reaped.

You have eyes to see and ears to hear. Let no one take away your divine wisdom and discernment. Look past the surface to gain the revelation. When you do, you will make the correct choices. Take My Hand and choose not to let go. I will right the wrongs and give you a brilliant sunrise and sunset to all needs. When you think I have not heard you, ask Me for a sign of My activity on that matter. Stay focused for your time here is fleeting. You are coming out of what had you bound. Change the perspective to adjust how you respond to the new that is before you.”

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