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Understanding the Confusion

God has been showing me something in my personal life for the past few months, and I felt today that this is affecting many of you as well.

When God shows us parts of our future, we do what we can to get into alignment, but sometimes us moving into that new realm is not being blocked by us or about us directly at all. We can spend years trying to figure out why the doors of change have not opened, all the while, God is still breathing our future clearly over us. It can be frustrating beyond understanding. We just want to be doing fully what has called us to do. God may even tell you over and over that you are ready and still nothing shifts or opens.

On several levels, I did understand that my time to move into this future was dependent on the actions of another person. I had tried so many times to get this person to realize that they were not in alignment only to find that my divine wisdom was being thrown to the ground time and time again. God was faithful to tell this person that my words were accurate and precise many times over, but this person was under a demonic deception and would not see, despite God vindicating my words faithfully. When a person rejects us as God’s messenger, God will not always tell the person when they are wrong. When we resist God, He will let us continue down the wrong path, until we have no choice but to accept the truth of our mistakes.

If God has sent you His messengers of truth, don't reject just because you do not like what they are saying at first. You will only grow a wall around you that will reject all of the other messengers God will send. Stop and think. If God is defending the words of a specific vessel on other topics, just maybe they are speaking God's truth in other matters. Do not allow yourself to believe the alleged messenger of God is not qualified enough to know better than you. If God will speak through a donkey wisdom, be careful in thinking you are above reproach. I have felt like this donkey being struck by Balaam so so many times in the past five years. God sees me as equal to this person although they do not seem to share God’s opinion.

God will let us reap what we sow in wrong choices and decisions. It will hold us up from going where God's will is for us to be. As well, it will hold up others that are supposed to be involved in God's plan with us. What God has told me recently, is that He has waited for this other person to Listen and Obey, but God is no longer holding me back. He is placing me in the territory that I am to influence even though the other person may not have changed their position. God speaks through a variety of methods. If you are off track, He will send the person that has the most to benefit or lose from what you are doing. If that fails, He will send others but also deal with you personally.

Understand, God will let us suffer at our own hands if we do not change course. This will surely be in areas we will correlate, as well as, areas that we do not think are connected to the issue at hand. I have watched God place this person in His jail, due to their actions. The interesting thing is that despite me warning this person of that very thing that I saw, they still continued on down the wrong road. Many blame the enemy for this or that, but remember the enemy is under God’s authority. When we do things against God, the enemy will be given permission to affect our lives. We have come into alignment with the enemy though our sin. Understand that the enemy’s purpose in God’s hands is to move us into the greater that God has for us. We have to shift our perspective about why we are going through hard seasons.

For those of you who have been in waiting and no fault is with you, God is faithful to not hold up your destiny beyond His desires. He is patient, and at some point will take you to the Promised Land even if others refuse to be corrected. You may or may not know who the person is that God is waiting on. Some will die in the wilderness because of PRIDE and ARROGANCE. Even Moses did not make it to the Promise Land due to disobedience. If God has been warning you, then take Heed. Time is short.

~Many Blessings MaryEllen Martyn

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