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Daily Prophetic Word May 13, 2017

The Father says, “Do things appear to be moving backwards instead of where you are pushing? Keep a watchful eye for I am up to something in that very situation. Sometimes to get unstuck you must backup to turn slightly as you move forward once more. I am taking you out of the quicksand and placing you back on solid ground.

You are getting a fresh start so let the frustration fall off. I am not upset with you about what has happened. Be at ease in My Love. You are still on target and soon you will see just over the horizon the beauty that I created just for you. Just when you thought that matter had no resolution, you will see everything come together just as you desired.

The clock has not stuck midnight yet. You have the time needed to finish before it is time to go. I will not rush you beyond what is reasonable. The chips are not stacked against you. Feel My Love for you in this hour. I am proud of you. You have not failed me, and I will still do all that I have promised over you.

Many things you thought would turn out one way are getting My upgrade which will exceed your best expectations. Dry your tears. I have only My Goodness for you. I will not scold you or take away what is your favor. I am setting you up to walk in all things unmovable and unimaginable in My Glory. You will come out shining brighter than any star in the heavens. It will all be ok My Beloved!”

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