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Daily Prophetic Word May 1, 2017

The Father says, “The darkness will tremble before you. Do you believe you carry that much power? For the Christ in you is what will be seen far and wide. Raise your sword and do not fear. Take back what is yours. I will not allow an illegitimate force to walk away with your promises. Persevere for the battle is yours to win.

Many have found friends and family becoming a thorn in your side as they do not support your direction in Me. Find that I am using this pressure to take you into realms that were not open before. For whomever tries to pull you down will find the opposite become the reality in your life. I will exalt you before your enemies and set a table in your honor. Do not allow your heart to be troubled for in time, their words will change passing over their lips.

You will find one day, these very people coming along side of you in full support. Give them time and keep your heart free of ill-will. Honor Me with your attitude of hope. I will heal the wounds inflicted, and give purpose to these trials. The longing in your heart is known to Me. I will fill these voids with an overflow of My Goodness towards you. Everything is going to turn out all right.

When you reach the end of your days, you will see all of the paths line up perfectly even when you did not always understand why this one section needed to be there. The strategic advantage is not always in the obvious. Your enemy is finite. He is limited in all ways. He is blinded to the truth for darkness is all he knows. Continue to be the Salt and Light, and you will find your way to Supernatural Awe- Inspiring Joy.”

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