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Daily Prophetic Word April 30, 2017

The Father says, “Society will tell you that surrendering is a sign of weakness. Do you know My Kingdom works on principles that are opposite and counter-intuitive to what you have heard? The more surrendered you are to Me, the more powerful you actually become. When you take a position of less, I will increase beyond imagining.

Develop a heart and mind that realizes, I plus you equals a no limits situation in all matters. Be spirit sensitive to My leading. David was given a great amount of advice when facing Goliath, but he knew to trust the training that I had given him above all other voices. Trust that I have already fully prepared you before you are sent out. I will not let you fail for I cannot fail. I will hand you the victory before men of more renowned valor even.

You are My Beloved. It does not matter who comes against you with mocking words. I have great plans for your life that no one has the power to deny you. I will humble the prideful all around you. I will clear the rubble from what others have tried to destroy in your life. You will walk right through unscathed. I am not interested in what others think is your potential, even when they are for you. I created you and I know exactly what you were born to do and be.

The human mind cannot comprehend what it did not create into existence. I can make something out of nothing. I will call into being what was not. Just ask Me, and I will move swiftly to come before you. The cross removed the separation between you and My Throne. Do not place barriers that are not there. You are not denied. You are invited always to be with Me. There is no time or space in our relationship. Your wings have come into full spread. It is time to soar higher and farther.”

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