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God Calls Me Friend?

To say the phrase, “I am a friend of Jesus or He calls me friend” is a catchy saying is an understatement. Many say it to the point of it becoming a cliché, but do God’s people really understand what Jesus is saying when He calls us His Friend?

John 15:15 I do not call you servants any longer, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you [My] friends, because I have revealed to you everything that I have heard from My Father.

In 2009 when I lived in Colorado, I was at my church New Life during morning worship. For those of you who are not familiar with this church, their worship is led by their own ministry called Desperation Band. They release many albums and many songs that you are probably very familiar with and just didn’t know they were the ones who wrote those songs. The worship was powerful as always. Suddenly the Holy Spirit was in front of me like I had never experienced before that moment. I say in front of me verses saying He was in me because this was a different experience, as He was traveling around the sanctuary and stopped in front of me. He started sharing with me His grief that my sister-in law’s husband kept rejecting Him. Dave’s anger towards God is very deep and stems from his mother dying when he was eleven. His parents are saved, but he is trapped in venom against God and imperfect Christians.

It is difficult for me to put into words how intense this pain and emotion was coming from the Holy Spirit into my spirit. I was having trouble breathing over the weight. I asked, “What do you want me to do about it? I have no influence in this situation.” You see, my in-laws were in such a hurry to marry their daughter off, that they dismissed and rejected the fact that Dave was not a Christian. They felt that he would come around and no need to be concerned that she was with an angry non-Christian. They would not even acknowledge that he was indeed angry. They felt he was open and receptive. Even when Kristin was having second thoughts about marrying Dave, her parents and her sister reassured her that it would all be okay. Today, Dave is still just as hateful to Christians as ever. There were many times that my in-laws were convinced they would get a divorce for many reasons. So they kept trying to patch things up and keep her there. They have basically taking the stance that Dave can do no wrong and that Kristin is the irrational problem in all matters. Deep down they are afraid to take a different position for fear that he will never become saved.

Leading up to the marriage, I made my thoughts known to my in-laws only to be met with persecution back. I made it clear about what God would say about their actions. Although, I could tell my father-in-law knew deep down I was right, there was no turning back from his choice direction. When I told the Holy Spirit that I had no influence in this situation, this was part of it. My in-laws would attack me if I tried to do anything in this situation, including even witnessing to Dave. Saving face was important to them. Prophets do not get a choice when they can sit in this office and when they can just be a normal everyday person. If God has a word even of correction, He will speak it forth in my spirit with the timing of delivery. However, these words from even God would not have mattered to my in-laws. Kristin was living with him, and her parents were going to see this marriage through to the end. The in-laws liked to pretend that Kristin and Dave were just roommates and not having sex. We can choose to be blind and believe our own lies that we tell ourselves.

As I was standing there in the sanctuary, under this immense anguish that I had never even felt as a human, I had to ask the Holy Spirit to lift this off of me. There just are no words to what I experienced. This was surely more than I could handle, and I felt like I might literally break into pieces right where I stood. After ten minutes, I could withstand no longer. Many times over the years, I went back to God asking Him what can I do to help? I did not hear an answer. Three years ago, God showed me an event coming that would not only wake up Dave but also my in-laws, who have become even more lost to deceptions, than when I first met them. As God spoke to me about what would transpire, I understood that He wanted me to do intercession until this came to pass.

The Holy Spirit was not sharing the Pain because He wanted to give me an assignment one day. No, He was sharing with me as a Friend would, with no expectations about how I could help. I was helping in just sharing and understanding the Heart of God. This is what having a true and authentic relationship looks like. God is working towards this beauty in each one of us. King David walked in this for sure and countless others throughout man’s history. All are welcome to walking this closely with God.

Last month, God came to me again. For the last five years, God had sent me in on a variety of issues to help a specific prophet. Unfortunately, this person rejected my words over and over only to find out that God really did send me and that I really did carry the anointing necessary in these circumstances. Due to the repeated push back, I closed down the lines of communication after the last assignment God had me deal with for this person. That was in 2015 and now God was sharing His heart with me in more depth. God showed me that this person resisted God’s desire to heal raw and cutting soul wounds. Because of this, he would experience a 2-3 year delay in moving to the next step towards full destiny.

God was not coming to give me an assignment as Lord. He surely could have, but the approach was much different. He was coming to me as a Friend and asking if I would speak to this person. Understand that God co-creates life with us. He has us participate for His Glory, and if we do not understand how vitally important we are to advance the Kingdom, then we will live in a life of less. I can say many thoughts went through my mind, but “no I won’t go” never did. Despite the pain I still feel concerning this person, and knowing full well, I could be hurt all over again, I went forward because my Friend needed me. God so desperately wanted to heal these deep deep wounds and had no desire for a delay in his life. God showed me the root of his issues and other factors during this process of sharing with me.

As I wrote up what I knew God wanted me to say, God said to record it. He said if he hears my voice it will make a difference. So I recorded a 50 minute message and sent it. Over the next few days, I felt the shift in this person, but it was not the full shift God was after. He had me do intercession where I was standing in outer space on the timeline of his life. God had me go up and down the timeline at various points and ages to command healing and to release what was locked within him. God used my anointing to unlock trauma to release years of stored up pain, wounds, and aspects that were completely stuck and blocked. I am sure the person had no clue all of this was there. I found it interesting that the demonic that I was fighting, on his behalf during this, were all ones assigned to nations. This showed me that what was being blocked and delayed was in part, to do with his international ministry.

Yes, the wounds on our soul most certainly can stop us from moving forward or ever reaching our destiny. God spent eighty plus years trying to work on Moses’ anger. It caused countless problems in his life including murder and exile. His destiny was the promised land and one last moment of rage blocked his permission to go into the Land that was set aside just for him. Moses had deep soul wounds which manifested in his anger. He was raised by enemies to his people and himself. This could not have been easy living in the kingdom that carried out the atrocities that Egyptian rulers did. God understands fully how we got to where we are, but we must allow Him to heal us instead of holding that torch for our justice. God will vindicate all that are in need of it. God dealt with Pharaoh and the Egyptian rulers, but Moses’s anger was not satisfied and only shifted onto the ungrateful people he helped rescue. Our unhealed wounds will surely switch to a new object if we are not careful, as well. God never said live with the pain. His desire is always healed and wholeness!

God desires to have an intimate Love and Friendship with each one of us. He will often times share something that He has no intention for you to do anything with. Do not assume everything is an assignment or duty in the making. Do not assume what you receive should even be shared with another person. I have watched in the natural and spirit realm for 5 years over this person. God did not ask me to deal with most of what I had knowledge of. I knew for a few weeks that this person was facing a delay and did nothing with the information until God asked me to.

Religion will teach you that God is a far off God and does not need us for anything in reality. Many have been taught that God is forever upset that mankind fell. Can I say that God created an angelic army long before Lucifer rebelled. God created a way for mankind’s redemption through His Son, long before Adam and Eve fell. God is not out matched by the evil in the world. God will not be defeated by the enemy on any level. We have to choose who we will serve everyday. God knew I was deeply hurt and still working on my healing concerning this person. Surely anyone would have understood me not taking on this assignment. God is not a bully or a dictator. He showed me His pain and heart for this person. I could have said, “Good he is getting payback and will be delayed!” That was not my heart at all even though my human flesh would love to dance in that nasty toxic water some days. We have to be spirit minded even when it seems impossible.

Social media is a cesspool of people being nasty to each other and Christians turning on other Christians morning, noon, and night. God has called us to live a better life than let our lives be used by the enemy of our soul. Trust me, the enemy reminds me of many many things this person has done against me. I still can put that aside to be God’s Friend. I can still show kindness to a person who was not kind to me. God said I was the right person to get through with the full impact that God was seeking. Then I must be the right person regardless of how I feel about the whole matter.

Let God’s Sweet Fragrance blossom in your life. God is your most Faithful and Loyal Friend. Even when others look to blame God, we have the ability to see beyond the fog to see the truth. He loves you so completely and may even send someone you have mistreated to bring healing to your life. Put down your weapons and let God’s love for His people radiate in and through you always!

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