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Daily Prophetic Word April 20, 2017

The Father says, “Rest in Me. It is far too easy to go about your day without coming back to Me for a recharge and rest. I Am not a taskmaster. I designed your days and weeks to incorporate rest, relaxation, and fun. If you find nothing to smile and laugh about then consider you are going about this thing called life wrong. Balance is essential to bring into your atmosphere.

Do not allow guilt from self or others to cloud your judgment. Know when to say “no” or ‘wait’ for if you do not use healthy boundaries you will inevitably allow others, who are unknowingly being used by the enemy, to wear you out. When frustration and stress fill your heart and mind, this is a clear sign that you have allowed yourself to stop being refreshed in My Presence. Not everything presented as urgent is nor is necessarily your portion to deal with in reality.

Allow your day to be filled with the joys of pleasing Me and not others. Let Me lighten your load for My Yoke is EASY and My Burden is LIGHT. I desire you to enjoy your life in all of its possibilities. Do not conform to illegitimate voices. Your life will be cut short when you go in directions that I have not given you authority in. Listen to the instructions that I have put in your spirit.

I will give you the peace you are seeking. Today, I Am singing over you. Take the time to find My Peace and My Love for this is your daily infilling as a Royal Child in My Kingdom. Never will I withhold from you what is yours. You are My Blessing and the One that I stick closer than a brother to. Nothing is too big of an issue that I cannot deal with. Come Rest at My Well. I have much to show you!”

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