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Daily Prophetic Word April 17, 2017

The Father says, “My Ruach Winds are blowing strong in this hour. Experience the Power over, around, and underneath you right now. I Am communing Spirit to spirit and from this, you will gain the clarity in direction that you are to move forth under. You are not left alone to fend for yourself. I Am challenging the idols upon the heart. I will expose the true condition of the heart to be known to you. You will have a choice and you will have to make it.

All around you, things are changing in big and small ways. Will you trust Me even when you are unsure of why all of this needs to be in your life? What is happening right now is unprecedented even when others try to find answers and predictions far and wide. When I do a New Thing it is not just a rebranding of a previous movement. If all you are looking for is the same old thing, you will be missing out on who I truly Am in your life.

The human mind only comprehends a tiny amount of all that was, is, and is to come. My Word contains invaluable mysteries that lie dormant to the sleepy eyes. Have you asked My Spirit to reveal and interpret My Word? What is misunderstood will be a barrier from you accepting My Truth when you come face to face with it. Just as the Pharisees rejected while the Berean accepted. Both heard new revelation and both responded differently.

Don’t be one who limits My Presence in your Life. I will expand your vessel to hold more and more revelatory downloads straight from the Throne Room. You must be willing to lay down your 'religious' teachings and wrong thinking to be open to all that I will share with you. Paul could not openly share his encounters in the spirit realm because the people would not believe. Does it make his experiences any less truth? My True Vessels will experience far greater than Paul as they are hungry for My Presence in all of their ways.”

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