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Daily Prophetic Word March 31, 2017

The Father says, “Many of you have been hurt deeply over the last few years from trusted people in your life. You saw little hope in these situations and even wandered about aimlessly at times from your wounds. I have seen what has taken place and even though you have heard My Voice speak that I will address this matter, you have wondered if that really means what you have hoped for.

I Am breaking through in this hour in ways that will surely surprise you. Areas that you even found the fault lying with you will also come into My Light. I will give you the whole picture and restore all to fullness. Your wounds will be healed in an instant. Do not doubt for I Am your healer and your Heavenly Father who spends unending care over you. I saved your tears, and I will bring beauty back into your life once more.

Watch in this hour all of the changes that are taking place. You are walking on Holy Ground. I Am showing you My Goodness over the years in seen and unseen ways. I will speak to your future and how some past events are about to catapult you into higher realms. Do not discount hard beginnings just as you should not small beginnings. I have a plan and purpose to it all.

I so love you My Child. Hear Me! I love you beyond everything else and anything else. I Am so proud of you. I Am not counting your mistakes. I Am for you and looking at the successes of yesterday and right now towards the future. I will take you from Glory to Glory carried on My Wings. I have an amazing future filled with Hope and Blessings. I will do what I have spoken over your life!”

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