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Daily Prophetic Word March 24, 2017

The Father says, “When you are at the end of your rope that is when you fully realize that you are at the beginning of what I will and can do in your life. It is easy to go about the days in your own power and strength, but when that runs dry will you let Me take over? Will you let Me show you an easier way to walk each day in My Glory?

Tomorrow may not come for all, but you have today to make the most of. Do not go about your time in a foggy daze. Be on purpose and deliberate for each step adds up to thousands of miles. I will give you My Winds to carry you to the heights and depths. My angels will fight by your side. Never are you to be alone. Stand tall in this hour. You have not failed Me. We are going to march forth and claim that Victor’s Crown!

When you are feeling weary from the battle come rest in My Arms. Not everything demanding your attention is truly that urgent. You must recharge, refuel, and get your course corrected and refocused. The distractions vying for time are leading to your drain. Ask Me if you should be bothered with what comes your way. I will show you what is just noise and what is for you to take on.

I have big plans for you. Did you hear Me? What I have is available to all. My Treasure Chest is wide open. Take what you desire to do and be for My Namesake. I have not called you to the small things unless that is all you want to be limited to. I have no such perimeters around your potential. I placed those precious desires deep within. Your wings are free to fly, and I will guide and even catch you if need be. I created you extraordinary. Time to step out and just see what you can actually do in and through Christ. Your decision is for today, for NOW is when you will make the impact that will shift atmospheres and influence even nations.”

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