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Daily Prophetic Word March 6, 2017

The Father says, “Look in your hands. I have given you New and Special Seeds to scatter about the new places you will walk this year. You will find that as you give out liberally, the rate of return will greatly increase not only in your life, but in the lives of all those that are fed through this movement. I created you to be a mighty giver for My Namesake. So Give abundantly to one and all.

I Am not asking you to decide if you think a person is worthy. What you cannot see with the naked eye is the heart being molded in My Hands. My seeds planted will be watered for My Glory. Even if you cannot see the end result today, does not mean in due season a beautiful crop will come forth regardless. Even an acorn may lay dormant until the right forces come to press and shake that seed to crack open.

My Living Waters are overflowing in and around you. Do not miss all that I have set up for you in this hour. I will not send you out without the proper resources. Think Big and you will awaken to the miraculous for this season. I have taken off the training wheels in more than one area. Take a leap of faith and let your spirit soar to put action in all efforts. The ground is rich and fertile for planting. The dry season has ended with My cool rains upon the Earth.

Do not let the ‘how’s’ get you flustered. How I will do everything in your life is not always known at the time, but you will see the lavish Love being set inside the Lighthouse to shine bright to all those seeking a safe harbor. I will not forget My Promises nor the words I have spoken over your life. It is always darkest before the Dawn, but the Sun is shining nonetheless.”

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