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Daily Prophetic Word March 4, 2017

The Father says, “Today is the Day for those that gave up, to find My Grace and Mercy wooing them back into My arms. The storms that have raged were for Me to tend to, but you thought it was upon your shoulders and the weight was too much. Stand back up! I Am redeeming, strengthening you, and restoring your purpose once more. I have promised to never leave you where you are, but take you where only I can take My Children.

I Am coming to you in this hour to settle some long over due scores. Areas where you have been misled are finding My Truth and Clarity. A mind set on the wrong thoughts and beliefs will continue you down the road of emptiness and anger. I do not expect perfection from you. Would it be fair if I did? Your struggles are not new or foreign to Me. I will cause the arrows to fall at your feet. If you allow Me to be your protector, I will answer beyond your greatest Hopes and Needs.

Many have gone about life not fully realizing that they stopped inviting Me into their life. They assumed the door was open, but in reality they have walked off to their own ways little by little. But there is no real distance in time or space. Just turn around and you will find Me there with open arms. I long to pour out My Love to you. I long to spend time talking about your day and dreams that seem impossible to reach.

I Am not an angry God looking to bring crushing wrath upon mankind. Nothing separates you, for the Cross finished and tore the veil that kept you out of My presence. You do not need to do some religious act to get My Attention. My gaze never leaves you. The simplest and most humble of prayers carry more weight than long winded rehearsed prayers. You are not trying to impress Me, but rather I Am hearing your heart. You are not being tested to prove yourself worthy to be My Royal Son or Daughter. Be at ease. I Love you because I created you, and never in a moment have a regretted you as My Child!”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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