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Daily Prophetic Word January 22, 2017

The Father says, “Where I Am there is Change; There is Restoration; There is Freedom! I Am Omnipresent! So shift your perspective for I Am always in your Midst. Many run to and fro looking for My Voice and My Hand. I Am right next to you ready and willing to meet every aspect that you are searching for. Partner with Me and you will be fully prepared, in season and out of season.

Many are waiting for the other shoe to fall. Why? Do you see Me as such a weak God that I cannot stop the plans and schemes of all that opposes you? Let Me open your mind to see Heaven’s Perspective and how what is going on fits into your call and destiny. I have said that I waste nothing in your life. What was meant to destroy you will, if you allow Me to, take you beyond the confines of all that you understand and can find purpose in.

I will bless you and give you favor beyond imagining. Many see Me as withholding for just ‘special’ people. I Am no respecter of persons. What I do for one of My Beloved, I will do for another. There is no secret club. Your Secret is open to all, for Christ died for one and all. I placed Adam and Eve in the most lavish of Gardens. Why would I suddenly want less for mankind now when I gave the world everything that I have and hold dear?

Is everyone around you in the Kingdom yet? Then we still have many assignments yet to be fulfilled. What you have in Me is what the lost and dying craves even when they have no idea to that fact. You are My Light and My Salt. Do not lose your taste or hide your light. You are not of this world and you are not meant to become like the world. You are being molded into the image of Christ. There is no better aspirations than to being transformed into what you could never be, even if the world did not fall into sin and darkness. Everything you are going through will one day very soon be so worth it. Dance and Celebrate for your future is Bright!”

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