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Daily Prophetic Word January 6, 2017

The Father says, “There will come a time when all will see, hear, and know the truth. Even your greatest judge and accuser will have to be humbled to what they have said and done against you. I want you to focus on where I Am taking you and not what is still to be resolved fully. You can move on even when others scream objections.

If I Am for you then who really is against you? They will not stop what I Am doing in your life. They will not influence where I take you either. I have not consulted them nor asked for an opinion. You will have finger pointers and slanders in your midst. They will disagree with you and look to stir trouble. And? Nothing has changed since the time My chosen vessels in the Bible walked this Earth. What you face is what all have dealt with before you.

I will heal the land before you. I will heal the crevasses deep within you. When I get finished, you won’t even remember the names of those that balked at you. They will move on to their new dilemma far away from you. A ravenous dog will always look for the fresh meat to dig into. I will deal with enemy and ‘friendly’ fire alike. Do not lose your identity in the fog.

See a distraction as a distraction and not necessarily something for you to ponder or address. When you are doing what I have asked you to do, no one else deserves an explanation so don’t worry about constructing one. If they walk in My Spirit, the revelation will come to them. If not, they will sit on the sidelines and watch Me bless you over and over until they can’t take it anymore. What you lend to as being important will be fed for the positive or negative. You are going to receive the Prize, so that is where your attention should lie.”

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