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Daily Prophetic Word December 15, 2016

The Father says, “The relationship you have in Me is getting an upgrade in this hour. What was seen as your limit has been removed. Whether this barrier was from your own mindset or what others have placed upon you, I Am removing all that will stop you from doing what I have set your course to go. I know the motives in a man’s heart. I know if there is good or evil towards you truly. Cast aside quick assumptions and just leave the issue for Me to deal with.

The enemy desires to plant seeds of discord between you and others. Do not pay this any mind or draw a conclusion about the situation. I Am Reversing the effects of the winds and the rains that have come out of nowhere to move against you. I will take you out of the miry clay and place you above the circumstances that seem to plague your heart and mind. I will give you the vantage point where you will understand fully what is taking place and how you must deal with it effectively.

Do not rush into situations. First come before Me so that I may show you what has been hidden. Understand that you may have to wait and in the waiting you will gain more insight beyond the natural. Even in the trivial problems, the designed attack can be setting something up against your later down the road moments. Few think that a mere bee sting will take them out completely. I see the whole picture. Trust in the process and wait for the moment that I will have you respond.

You are walking on that water! Many feel they are sinking when they are actually just now catching their stride. Look again! You are right where I want you to be. Even when the surroundings feel uncomfortable, you are just in the transition to the new doors that are about to open. You have outgrown where you were, and I Am shifting you into the arena that is now better suited for you to prosper. I will never leave you where you were. Keep focused on where we are going. Soon the scenery will change and make way for your new reality in Me.”


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