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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word December 6, 2016

The Father says, “In My presence, you will find My glory. When you leave My presence you take My glory with you. My glory enables you to walk as Jesus walked, talk as Jesus talked, and operate the way Jesus operated in and around your territory. Do not overlook the power you are carrying for this will shift the atmosphere around you and bring My will to your situation and your neighbor's situation. When you see yourself as not part of the solution, you will continue on looking to others for answers that only I can give you. I will show you in still small voices and loud thunder. You must look for all of the ways I will speak throughout your day.

You are a game changer for My Namesake. When you see something out of My will, you have My power and authority to speak into that misalignment and bring order to chaos. Speak to the rock and it will bring forth My living water. You are not walking among the tombs. Do not take the gloom and doom words as the final answer on any matter. I have come to save man and establish a new way of living a life in over abundance. This life on Earth is but a flickering candle. Focus on Me and the storms will not take you under. Man no longer lives hundreds of years but a mere passing through to what I have next. Take with you only what can go with you.

Love as I Love. If you lack the ability to love all in My Name then ask Me, and I will fill your heart with indescribable love that has no limit and has no boundaries. Be wise and see these moments as I see them. Follow My voice and lead. I will never steer you wrong. What I have called temporary do not choose to believe that it will last forever. Some moments and opportunities will not pass you by again. You are an extension of what Christ is doing on the Earth. You can go further, deeper, and wider than anyone would see you capable of doing. When others consider you unworthy, I say I will do the impossible through you.

I look forward to spending each day with you. I wait for you to come and set aside the demands of your day to just be with Me. Let Me wash your feet and share My Heart with yours. I Am a Father who is relational with My Children. We are in a give and receive arrangement. I do not call you servant, but I call you My Friend. Place down the religious rule books that say only do this or do that. Come to Me freely and unrestricted. I want you to stay right next to Me. I did not create you to be amused by your trials. NO! I created you to be Loved and Cherished beyond all else. Change how you see your existence. I have more for you, and we are going to new places together.”


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