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Daily Prophetic Word December 2, 2016

The Father says, “Turn Up The Volume! This is not the time to shrink back into the days of comfort. I want you to shout the victory songs and let your praises be heard all over the land. The walls of Jericho did not fall amidst silence from My people. You are just at the beginning of this new season. Do not look back or draw the same conclusion about how you think things will go for you this time. What held you back in prior years, has been broken and loosed from you.

Many are still walking around as if they have chains around their neck, which no one else can now see. Look straight at that problem and command it to come into My will and alignment. I gave you a voice to use, so use it. Do not stop until you see the breakthrough. Nothing worthwhile comes without effort and perseverance. The enemy of your soul is a roaring lion searching far and wide. Stand your ground and claim what is yours.

You have power and authority through the Cross in every and any situation. It is time to fully learn how to use what you have been given. You are Rulers and Reign in My Kingdom. Do not forget who you are in Me. Who you think you are is what you will walk out all of your days. Come up Higher. I did not make a mistake when I brought you into existence. I did not make a mistake when I sent My Son to redeem you from a debt you could not pay.

Put aside the idea of a less than perfection. You are not on plan B or C, you are still My beloved Child who is living out the destiny that I gave you from the very beginning. Only you can decide to finish where I designed you to be. Only you can choose. I know what I will do for you. Find that your strength, faith, and hope springs up to life from the depths. We are moving up and out. It is your day for all things becoming new once more.”

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