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Daily Prophetic Word October 31, 2016

The Father says, “I am unwrapping My presents over your life. Let the ground around you give birth to pure joy as the Colors of My Rainbow flow over the soil. Now is your Now! What would not break free is being cast into the sea. What would not produce a steady crop year after year will now be plentiful from this day forth. Speak Life into all things near and far from you. The Power of Life is in your Tongue. Why ever would you choose death?

Bring your petitions before Me. My People have walked away from one of their greatest weapons- ASKING Me. Seeking and Knocking is not going to yield much when you did not extend your faith and trust by becoming One in spirit with My Spirit. Many are blocked due to a religious image in their heart about who I Am. Come to Me and Ask Me to Show you in the Cleft of the Rock. I am not off hiding hoping to not be bothered.

I am a very present help in trouble. I know the way out of every circumstance. I am not watching just to merely see if you will find the way on your own. I am the Good Shepard. When you wander off, I will run after you. When you desire to be the prodigal child, I will wait with a celebration in mind for your return. Put aside foolish notions that I have changed My mind about you since the day I created you in My perfection and love. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Wake up each day with excitement as to the possibilities raining from Heaven over your very situation. I did not forget about your needs. I am working out everything for your benefit and My Glory. Let your heart sing and walk in a permanent way of worship. This year is going to close out with My Zoe Way of Life, so embrace a way of All Things are Possible. I did not send My Son for you to adopt a gloom and doom mentality. Your latter days will be Greater than your former.”

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