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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word October 27, 2016

The Father says, “You are in the Land of Discovery. This is your season. No longer wandering the dry and desolate soil, you are seeing the land of fertility. What you plant will grow and let no weed crowd out the goodness sprouting up. Milk and Honey are in abundance and flowing fully for My Joy and Good Pleasure. The latter shall be greater than the former. Let that sink into your way of life. You control how things fall around you through your attitude. Take up the attitude of a winner for you are more than a conqueror.

My Love is expanding in and through you. Just receive what I am doing this day. You do not need to strive to find My Love. It is available always, and you are increasing in being able to receive more and more. I am taking you from a poverty and living in lack mindset into knowing that greater is coming on the horizon. What seemed like a denial was just a lie from the enemy camp. When you shift your belief system to one that knows, that you know, that you know, that I am your Heavenly Father looking to give out blessing and favor, you will finally come to a place that I have desired you to live by.

People will tell you to forsake this, but I say, who do you believe? Who benefits from you living out of the best that I am capable of doing for you? I am the same God that gave all to Adam and Eve. Nothing of good did I keep from them. Decide that this is where you need to be each and every day. Just open your arms so that I may fill you up. I have no performance scale. Let Me be the force that changes you from the inside out, for My Glory and Honor. This just requires that you yield to My guidance and pruning. I will mold and make you.

You will love how this journey goes. What do you have to lose? The more you come into My Presence the more you will realize just how much special care I have over you since the day you came forth by My Voice. Many find it difficult to know and feel My Love because of how others have treated them. Beloved, Let Me show you just how it is to experience pure Love that only I can impart to you. Once you travel down this road, there will never be another road more desirable. Your very core will want to give out what you have laid witness to. My people are about to explode with a New Vision for what is for today and this age that we are in. Embrace what has come and what is here!”


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