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Daily Prophetic Word October 23, 2016

The Father says, “Do not let the fast moving river catch you off guard. Doors are closing quickly and without warning, and new doors are springing up out of nowhere. See the Hand behind what is going on and get up and go. I have not set you in a time of pondering decision after decision right now. Your life is shifting and the old is breaking off of you. The new wineskins have provided the atmosphere, for what was developing to come to the right age and season.

What was held back will come forth with ease. Yes, Ease! Do not wonder any longer if you will be able to do what you are called to do. Some will be asked to pass on old keys to new people. Do not be tempted to monitor the new person’s progress. Keep your eyes forward to the prize I have for you. Change is part of growing in My Kingdom. I do not expect one person to do a task in the same manner as another. You are all unique with My Thumbprint.

Many have been relaxing fishing by the shore. It is time also to gather your things. Your season of rest has made way for you to take on higher mantles and go forth with a fuller range of My Power dwelling from within. To those who are still called to wait, Rejoice! You are still in the preparation and soon your time will come as well. Celebrate those who are now ready, for they will need your support and encouragement.

The battlefield may look overwhelming but see beyond the commotion. Jesus, King of Kings is on His horse off in the Distance. The angels have already gone before you. The battle is ripe to be won. Hear the Shofar blow. The Victory is here! Stand and be Counted. Now is the moment you have longed and dreamed of. Your hard work and patience are breaking through in the Now!”

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