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Daily Prophetic Word October 20, 2016

The Father says, “Do you hear the ‘popping’? This is your sign that new weapons are manifesting in the natural realm for you to take up and march forward. Old weapons are getting an upgrade and improvement. I Am giving you the wisdom to go along with this. Find yourself just automatically thinking of a different way to handle each and every dilemma. It will take you by surprise in areas that you have a habit doing one way only.

Stretch out your hands and grab what I have for you. I will not leave you without a defense nor an offensive strategy. Forget about the regrets where you felt you came up short in other situations. I will redeem the time and the final outcome. Trust that I can make everything bloom with My Goodness. What you cannot see today will eventually breakthrough to see Me walking in your midst and sowing a bountiful harvest. What takes time only means it is very significant and important to what I Am doing in your life.

I love you way too much to give you lesser things. People will naysay and speak doubt, but they are just limited vision people. You, however, are getting a huge download of My Vision for not only yourself but your community. Yes, the sky is not falling, and I Am coming with My Winds of Change. I Am the Alpha and Omega. Is there any power higher or one that I Am subject to? It is time for My People to remove the gloom and doom mentality and accept that I Am doing a New and Wonderful thing all over the Earth.

I love My Creation! Do you see? Do you understand? I could have destroyed it all or even changed My mind before I created the first rock. I know the beginning from the end, and I DECIDED IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Hear Me. You are worth it to Me! I have zero regrets, and I have a plan to take the worst of the worst to form the most priceless diamonds in your life and in the world. Keep looking up, for I Am here right now working on all that is required. The best is still to come. Just believe, and you will see!”

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