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Daily Prophetic Word October 16, 2016

The Father says, “Be mindful and good stewards of the resources that are in your responsibility. Many take things for granted and squander until there is nothing left. From what you have, I will give you more. And from that more, opportunities flow. When you are faithful in the little, I will trust you with much. I give freely so you can receive freely. You are already entitled. What are you waiting for? Take what I Am offering without the guilt and condemnation others would like to place you in.

I Am bringing careers to the minds of those I desire to take to a place of higher advancement. Some will need to invest in more education, and others will need to think out of the box. There are traditional jobs, and there are unexpected avenues I will take some on. Be open to what I Am showing you. If I Am in your corner then failure should not even enter your mind. Just jump in with both feet. I have got your back. Listen to My Guidance.

When you serve Me, you are in ministry whether in the marketplace or full-time in godly ministry. I do not see one more worthy of Earthly gain than another. Your mindset is what is blocking you. Where I send you will be a blessing to those who encounter My Light on the inside of you. You already have what is needed for Me to use you. See beyond the worldly distractions to realize that I have you on assignments that you never even considered to be the case.

Look around your day for ways you can sow good seed into others near and far from you. Not everything has to seem monumental. Even the smallest of gesture can change the course of someone’s day. You are world changers and able to make the enemy run wherever you travel. When the focus becomes on how much I can use you just as you are, you will see your own life transformed through what I do in a person's life. For what you put your hands to, a return will be received. Sowing and then the Reaping. Nothing could be more simple.”


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