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Daily Prophetic Word October 11, 2016

Pick up the Keys! Find this day that new keys of authority are yours to receive but understand first where these keys have come from. Many say Lord, I want your will for my life but forsake that calling when they get a glimpse of the journey. As the keys fall from their hands, My Angels retrieve them for such a time as this. I Am sending out those keys again, but they will not go to from where they came. I Am searching the hearts of My people for those willing to take up these Mantles for My Glory and Honor. What you are not willing to receive, will not be granted to you.

These are important Kingdom assignments and are not for the faint of heart. You will experience much loss in the natural and much higher gain before Me. Missions of this vital urgency require those with a steady hand and walk. Those that are willing to seek Me first and weather the storms that will come, truly will surpass and wear the Victors Crown. Only go where you intend to see it through to the end. You will gain no favor by saying you will just to walk away as the predecessor did. Do not consider lightly. Everything has been made ready, and all is coming into alignment.

My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light. If you are not experiencing this currently, consider that you are going about some aspect with the wrong mindset. Let Me speak into your daily order and methods, for I will have a better way, where you can do more with much less. Many go about the Christian walk from what they have been taught through others. It is time for an upgrade from where you are to where I desire to take you. One can only teach what they have already learned themselves, and there is a new level of learning falling to you in this season. One of acceleration and also a shift in how one goes about various things in life.

I have not called you to spin your tires on old dirt roads. When the rains come, you will merely get struck in the mud and not advance further and further. Just because this is always how things have been done, does not mean it still works efficiently as it once did or that there are not new revelations that will make the old obsolete. Catch up to where I Am today. Run if you need to. Get aboard this fast-moving train that does not even ride on tracks. Where we go is endless. If you are coming, then let’s go. Time is just wasting us by!”

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