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Daily Prophetic Word September 25, 2016

The Father says, “Wake up and plan your day. Many walk through the day without a solid idea of what they desire or need to accomplish. One day, they choose to wonder why the years have passed them by. Without a vision My people will perish. You have this life to live, and it can control you or you can take charge of it. If your days are getting away from you, make a decision to change how you see the moments that you have. You may say, 'Lord Lord, I would like this for my life', but you have done nothing with what I have given you. I know your desires before you ask, and have already placed the necessary steps before you. You can’t get to the end destination if you have not walked the steps.

What you do today will build upon what is needed for tomorrow. You are learning knowledge and gaining better skills. Think of all of the times you came across a challenge that you found easier because of a past experience already traveled. My Goodness is before you. Choose to see all that comes as an opportunity for My Glory to be seen and known. It is in the difficult times that I minister to you with intimacy, that often gets overlooked when things are going well. The burdens that you choose to carry, I Am trying to lift off of you. I cannot take what you will not give.

I did not set your days out to be small or insignificant. Dream big and just look to see what I will do in and through you. Many have already decided that they are denied based on some preconceived formula. Understand that I placed inside of you the desires of My Heart. When you water what I have given you, you will see it manifest at the predetermined point in time. I cannot deny what I have already designed specifically for you. Cast down the lie that race or gender will inhibit you within My Sovereign Plan. Religion will tell you that these aspects matter, but I do not!

Partner with Me and let’s just see how far we will go together. The world can say that you have no rights or voice, but I Am the One who will answer all that come against you. The day of vindication will be ruled in My Courts. Just keep walking and praising for in due season, even your strongest enemy will be humbled. I settle all scores, even from those that scream the loudest that their way is the right way. I will not abandon you. You will never find a moment that you have to fend for yourself. You have the keys already. Time to find the doors that they open.”

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