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Daily Prophetic Word September 15, 2016

The Father says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Many of you are so focused on screaming at the darkness that you forgot your Power is being and demonstrating the Light. Who is the One who will make the dark eyes see? When you walk your days as My Royal Sons and Daughters and Just Be, you will realize that you naturally draw people out of the dark without having to do much else. They will crave and be curious for what you have. Do not underestimate your influence when you are just Being My Child.

People are watching you even when you think that no one even knows your name. They can sense your spirit just as you too pick up on little and big things alike. You are where you are for My Strategic Battle Plans. I Am not wasting this or any other moment in your life. The enemy hates where I have you stationed. Did you hear that? You are the Temple and carry My very Presence into every store, every building, every workplace, every hospital, every you get the point yet? You are the game changer that the enemy wants to snuff out.

But I, the Lord Your God, will not let harm come to you. Continue to Walk in Honor and Righteousness, for My Glory will come and dwell among you. Let your Praise and Worship be your First Line of Defense. Watch the mighty walls and towers of your enemies crumble before your feet. I have given you the Land and There is where you shall prosper all the days of your life. Speak to the Land and it will Bloom with My Goodness. Fertile Lands are your portion, and the Working of Your Hands I will Bless!

Some will try to take credit for what you have done. Do not spend time letting this bother you. This is merely a fly that will be swatted away. I will set the records straight and give you a larger portion for the inconvenience. I will let no one take what is rightfully yours. Let them try, and hear My Roar in response. You are growing up now, and it is time to be mindful of the better things that lie before you. I have new surprises behind every bend in the road. Keep pressing on for I Am with you always!”

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