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Daily Prophetic Word September 13, 2016

The Father says, “The Chariots are coming down to you. I hear the cries of My people who have tried over and over to come up higher into My presence but cannot seem to break past the barrier that they sense in their surroundings. I Am coming for you instead because I desire to show you that My Kingdom is accessible to everyone who seeks, and that what you thought was complicated really is not at all.

You will have encounter after encounter as this portal opens before you. Look around and do not dismiss what I Am saying in this hour. You were made to soar in the spirit. You were first made in the spirit and then flesh. Hear Me! You are spirit first and always. It is time for My People to completely understand what is their rights to have access to. You are not just mere flesh and bones trapped by gravity to a round ball traveling in the solar system. You have full ability to do what your spirit was designed and created to do.

Let the limits in your mind fall to the ground. I have been with you since the foundations of all that I created, and I know what you are capable of, since I granted you with the ability to go beyond your human walls. You are a spirit having a human experience. You were with Me before you began your time on Earth, and you will be with Me now, and after this age has been completed. Understand that you are not separated from Me in any truth, or experience. It is what your mind is open to, which allows you to see, know, and partake in.

There is not a day that goes by where you are not being touched by the supernatural or My Hand over your life. Many things you take for granted in your natural eyes, and many other things you dismiss as chance. Open your eyes and let them be renewed. You are timeless, and find that this realization is going to hit your spirit in new and profound ways. I made you to soar above anything your heart desires just as an eagle glides over mountains, seas, and canyons. There is nothing you cannot accomplish with Me as your Rearguard!”

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