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Daily Prophetic Word September 11, 2016

The Father says, “Banish the negative thoughts and fears that swirl in your mind. My Kingdom already came to Earth. Let Earth be a reflection of Heaven. Do you believe it is possible? Do you think the enemy has won over this territory and that I Am merely maintaining the chaos until I bring an end to it all? What you believe is what will direct your actions. My Kingdom will not lose to a finite and created being. Many have blown the referee’s whistle and called an end to the game too early.

The nations of the world are in a process right now of being sifted by My Hand. No, it does not look pretty, and yes, it will feel like you are in a mixing bowl. Understand that I Am making the crooked paths straight. I Am taking your nation from Glory to Glory. I know how many righteous there are in your land. The enemy wants you to only see the gloom and doom so that you will give up hope and your purpose for such a time as this.

I say, it is time to move and advance the field, for in the confusion within the enemy’s camp will I give you the victory. I can undo all that the dark has done for centuries in only a day. Just as the sun stopped for a strategic advantage, I Am moving the laws of physics even in your own world. Rest your head and know that your Father in Heaven can see the whole battlefield and knows the thoughts of the enemy’s plans. Nothing is missed.

Take up your armor and weapons. I will use you to defeat the wickedness as well. You have a powerful influence in even the subtle areas of your day. Do not overlook where I might use your skills and abilities. See the battle as already WON! Prayer gives you more authority. Prayer fuels you up to go forth. I Am with you always. All that you will need will be there when you draw upon My Resources. You are not who you were, and as you go out in this season, you will come to realize more and more just how much you have changed for My Glory.”

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