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Daily Prophetic Word September 5, 2016

The Father says, “Beware of Trojan Horses that look to be invited into your camp only to unleash the enemy’s poison directly at the root source. Many things look of My Kingdom, but when you look closer, it is nothing but death. I will show you what is of Me and what is not. Place down your own beliefs of what is good and what is evil, for there have been times that you rejected the very hands that I desired to bless you through.

I Am removing the religious masquerade that My people have been living under. I Am removing even inside of you the mask that you have been wearing for far too long. I desire My Bride to be authentic and transparent. You cannot truly know My ways when you are merely walking around the perimeter of My Glory. Are you fooled by your own charade? Are your eyes dim and your ears deaf? The religious pride is falling in this hour. The pretense that one is closer to Me than a brother is crumbling.

If you truly want to be called Mine, you must place down the idols of your forefathers and begin anew on this fresh slate that I Am bringing forth. For those that have pointed the fingers of judgment against My One and True, I will point My Finger back at you with My Judgment. I have said not to touch My Anointed, and today I will answer your accusations. The days of lying against My chosen are being met with My Roar and Power. I will let no weapon harm the precious hairs on their heads.

I Am making the truth clear and removing the smoke screens of the enemy in this season. What was brought into your camp to rob and steal will be made known before the day set for demise. Who has come against My Faithful and Loyal Bride, will be met with My Fire. How long did you think that I would allow your evil? There is no turning back My Reply to your deeds and actions. I will rise against those that rise against My People. How things used to be will not come this way again.”

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