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What Is Hidden Will Be Revealed

Last July, Russia’s President Putin signed an Anti-Terrorism law that also took aim at Christians. “The law requires missionaries to have permits, makes house churches illegal, and limits religious activity to registered church buildings, among other restrictions. Individuals who disobey could be fined up to $780, while organizations could be fined more than $15,000.” The web that this law weaves will go beyond the scope in that it was written under, as anyone could be classified as a missionary under this law by simply stating their religious beliefs in some fashion. Another aspect is that the Russian government blocks churches/religious organizations from owning property, thus making them unable to legally obey this current law.

This law impacts the United States in ways that many wouldn’t even dream.

In July 2014, God gave me this dream. I was in a big outdoor event in America, and I was sitting in stadium seating near the top. There was a canal type of water behind me that had some boat traffic on it. People were there because of Putin who was on a stage to the far far right of the section that I was in and out of my eyesight. The stadium was full of people who were there against their will, and they were being forced to bring their young daughters up before Putin. The people were afraid that he was going to take the girls, but still had no choice but to go before him. I was with a girl and walked her down the aisle and out the left side of the field. No one saw us leave.

The same demonic spirit that impacts and controls the Christians in Russia is in America. The girls represent the church. I want everyone to understand the deeper roots going on in Russia. End time people focus on how they believe Russia is the Bear and will come against God’s people and Israel. But, and here is the But I want you to hear... The Reason the Russian Church has always been persecuted and bound is because she carries the Key and Authority to shift that Whole Region for God and drive that influence straight into the Throat of the False Religions in countries to the South. Look at where Russia sits and think of the 10/40 Window (google if you do not know what this is). We need Russia to be free.

We are called to this Generation of Souls. We are not to fold up shop and hope that our End Time Theology is correct. We are not waiting to be rescued. We are called to Change and be the Change that is needed for our Lord and King. God has always been on the Jewish Calendar. We need to stop and think why that is. God did not switch over to the A.D. calendar. God’s time table is based on Jerusalem. God is not looking at our news media thinking ok, I need to save them. We are to shift and change our own atmospheres. God moves in and through us. His Power and Authority is everywhere that we are! Pray into the Atmosphere what His will is, and His will is that all come to repentance and Be Saved! That no one should perish. When you pray His will over a situation, it will manifest. God works with us and does not just treat us like a speck of dust to care for like we are infants. If we will not seek Him and Pray, He will not move on our behalf.

The 10/40 window is on fire right now (especially more so) because the Enemy is desperate to stop what God is doing. Yes, God is in their midst right now. Jesus is showing up right where they are and salvation is blooming.

When Isis first became the evil presence, I prayed God’s will over that group which was that they would be like the Midianite and become confused in their own camp and slaughter each other. We are currently seeing more and more stories of this group mistrusting each other and killing leader after leader.

We need to actually spend the time with God to know His will. God is faithful to share with us His Heart, and give us the strategy from His Throne. Too many assume they know who God is and what He would want. This is a foolish endeavor for His thoughts are Higher, and God does not work from the logic of men.

If you want to be a person that the devil fears, Learn and Be what God has called you to do. That is what the enemy fears. That the Bride will actually walk in her God given authority.

This United States Election is by far the most crucial we have faced in a long time. God is continually revealing the corruption in our government every hour at this point. What has been hidden from you, God alone is causing to come to the surface. Seek God and VOTE! Don’t throw your hands up and say I don’t like anyone. God will use who He will use. There are times we get the leader we deserve because our hearts became complacent. This is not the case in this election.

God isn’t into rigging elections if the people refuse to vote for His Choice. You must VOTE. No leader is perfect. Just look at the Bible, but God alone can use someone, who seems unlikely, to do the extraordinary. He will humble the proud. God will mold and make His Choice into what is needed in our hour! Trust God and VOTE!

Pray jaw dropping prayers that shake the World and make the enemy run! You are Limitless so be Limitless!

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