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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 14, 2016

The Father says, “Many have thought that when you go up to the Mountain to meet with Me, that I will not eventually send you back down to get busy for My Namesake. You have seen this as a bad sign instead of a Glorious one. When I send you back down, I Am merely saying you are equipped and ready to go. I Am still with you and guiding you step by step. No, it will not be the same as when you were on the Mountain. I will speak to you differently from season to season. But Know that I Am still speaking to you just as I always have.

As you grow and mature, I will no longer speak to you as I did in your youth. Many will immediately think that I have just become silent, but this is not truth. Change your dial so that you can receive My frequency again. You must seek Me out and not just get comfortable in how things were. Do not lose your hunger for the Kingdom and Your King! Relationships take constant cultivation and time shared. We are not just mere visitors from time to time. If you want the big things that I have set aside, you will have to keep coming closer. I will not reward a lazy and wicked servant. Be watchful day and night that you do not fall into a slumber.

Feel the freshness in the air. The winds of change are upon you. The Ground is leveling out from your decent down the mountain. You are bringing with you what I placed in your hands. You are different in ways you may not see, but those that watch you come down, will know that you are changed. For the butterfly is now free. The long struggle in the cocoon is over. You have been made into a new creation by My loving care. People will throw the past up at you, but I say keep walking forward. Do not spend time answering the endless questioning. You have your orders, and no one can delay you unless you let them.

Let My New Song fill your heart and mind. Everything is going to be OK. If it were not so, I would tell you. Allow your spirit to soar higher until the world fades and only My Voice surrounds you. I have beauty for your ashes. Show Me your pain, and I will show you the Blessings that are before you in replacement. I will remove the years of unproductive harvest, with a new harvest of overflow. Did you hear that? You are to live in the overflow in every area of life. Put down a mindset that would say I desire My people to live in poverty. NO, You are made to have THE ABUNDANCE in all paths. Be Limitless as I have created you to be!”

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