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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 18, 2016

The Father say, “Are you talking yourself out of something in order to stay comfortable? You were not created to watch life go by looking out your windows. Doors open and doors close. Many have decided that there are giants in a land that has already been conquered by My Son. Is there anything that will defeat you? Your mind is what wrestles against My Kingdom. Your mind will decide for or against My Will for you. Many before you have walked this same mindset. Many eliminated themselves before My Glory could even manifest over their journey. I know the deep desires of your heart. Desires that even you have not fully taken notice of. Do you want to just be merely called and not actually chosen?

Where you place your attention is where your feet will start to move. I Am not counting how many times you turned away from the call, I Am only looking for the ones who say yes! What will you say today when asked? Many keep wanting to write their own path to the destiny that only I could give them. When you do, you will cancel that destiny for you see, I know what you need to encounter to be the vessel able to carry that destiny. There are no shortcuts. I cannot let you have it your way, living comfortable and without growing in faith and trust. You must use what I give you, and exercise what you have. You will experience failures along the way. Do not see this as a bad thing or that I will be displeased with you. In My Hands, all is made right.

People will try to persuade you against My Voice. Who are you more interested in displeasing? The enemy knows your weaknesses, and will play others against you if you allow it. Man’s opinion and approval will never lead you to somewhere great. In the end, you will only be a slave to what others think of you. People spoke against My Son, and people will speak against you, even those whom you love dearly. See the bigger picture. I will make all things right in due season. Do not stop and wait for people to come around. I will send you more who are like minded and will support you without question. Do not despair, for I will heal your wounds. One day those that pointed fingers at you, will celebrate all that you did for My Namesake. Let it wash over you so that this does not become a stumbling block in your walk.

Many are blinded and care not for what I care about. I Am bringing your heart in sync with mine. Let your eyes see and your ears hear. My Spirit is providing you with fresh revelation about this moment in your life. Where you thought you were walking is not necessarily where you will end up. Follow the path I set even when you are confused about the logic. Beauty is your portion. Beauty is your portion. My Winds are removing the fog and clarity is sinking into your spirit. Where you used to walk will no longer be where I send you. Do not spend time looking back. What is for you, is straight ahead. Favor will find you, and Favor will launch you into a new lifestyle full of upgrades and joy. Remember, All Things Are Possible For Those Who Believe.”

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