• MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 13, 2016

The Father says, “The offenses that you carry day after day are keeping you from walking in the fullness that I created you to be in. Release your tendency to form assumptions and reactions. Soon the weight you are carrying will incapacitate until you are stuck in this place. People may come along to help you out, but unless you recognize what you have done to allow this bondage, you will not see that freedom is a real way of life open to you at anytime. Many grew up in families that believe you were dealt a hand and that is all you could expect to live out your days with. I say to you this day that this is a lie from the pit of hell.

It does not matter what has happened, I Am the way maker. What you desire AND believe to see is what will come to you. Your mind deceives you. Your eyes deceive you. Your ears deceive you. I have made Unspeakable Joy a Way of Life for My people in all days, but when you think this is just a fairy tale for just a few, you will stay in chains that the Cross actually freed you from. You have been called to Live the Zoe way of Life. There is no other side plan, and no secondary category for the People I call as Mine. You are equal in My eyes to your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Speak not against and let your offended mind be healed this very day. I will heal your lands, and I will call it fruitful in good times and bad. Can I not feed you and bless others even in a drought? I will use you for great and mighty things all across My Kingdom. I Am the One who restores and redeems. I Am the One who returns what was lost. I make beauty from ashes. I will bless you and give you high favor before all men. Forsake all that is not of My Word. The people were offended at the words of Jesus, and were left without My Power within the depths of their lives. Do not be of the same mind and ways.

My ways are not the ways of men. I will not work within your logic. Will you follow even when nothing makes sense or seems to be correct? I will show you higher, and I will give you revelation to understand what is not understood by those around you. What you are hungry for is what your portion will be. I will not force you to take what you do not want. You must surrender fully to My Will for your life. When you do, My storehouses will open up and Heaven will be made known to you in a reality that few choose to see. I created everything with YOU in mind. Do you not see this yet? I have done all of this for YOU!”