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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 29, 2016

The Father says, “A feather floats gently back to Earth, landing just the same as it started. It may appear to land in a random place, but in reality, My winds guided it to that precise location. I want you to see yourself as that feather. You are not falling, you are merely gently floating to the exact spot that I desire you to find. There is no hard fall or crashing down, breaking you into pieces. Choose to see failures as a time to not give up, for it is in the not giving up that truly makes you a success and not a failure.

There are times that I will not allow you to hit the target you set out for. Know that I have better targets for you to hit, and this one is a distraction, that if you did hit, you would be out of My divine will for your life. Do not be so hard on yourself. Even in your attempts without Me, I will still pull you back like an arrow and send you out. I may not send you where you thought, but I will make it worth the ride. Do not blame the wind for you missing. Check again, are you sure you missed at all? Where you are is where I will open the doors that are hidden behind the veil.

You cannot hit a target that you didn’t see or know was there, but I can. I will not take My hands off of you. Make the decisions that are vying for your time, and I will open and close roads until you are at the right spot. Immaturity will lead you to believe that you are denied or that I Am not for you. Look again. Ask Me, why here? Then I will come to you and speak mysteries that you have never even known to ponder. You are no small potato. How do you grow a potato? You take parts of or the whole potato and place it in the ground.

Your identity is whole in Me. It does not matter what others have felt or said about you. When I send you to a region, I will plant parts of or the wholeness of you, in that area for My Namesake. You are not merely planting a seed and walking away. No, you are a direct result and impact of what I will do for the people you touch. Do not allow your heart to go rotten in the seasons of challenge. The climate may change, but I Am able to keep you growing healthy plants, even when others are withered and dying. You are not subject to anything out of My Glory. Do not let fear encapsulate your actions. I will watch and keep you always!”

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