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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 25, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 6/25/2016

The Father says, “I Am giving you an endless supply of empty jars, for My endless flow of oil is coming to you in a greater measure than you have ever asked for. Just as for the widow, the jars continued to fill up until there were no more jars left, and those jars never reached bottom for the rest of her days. Many of My people are widows and do not even see themselves as such. Do you grieve for things that are no longer in your world, and no matter what you will never see it return? I see your heart of pain.

I Am answering this heartbeat with My Joy, but also giving you a new foundation that will be spring loaded into something better than you lost. Trust Me, for I will not be revealing these gifts to you until the moment you are to receive. Does a child receive a Christmas present before Christmas? Gather your empty jars for the overflow is almost upon you. There are times when My Goodness finds you, but you are unaware it was by My hand that you received your wealth. This time, you will be so overcome with all that is happening for you, that you will know that you know that it is only by My orders that you are walking in this abundance.

Believe and trust. These are your instructions. It does not matter what disappointments came to your door in the past. I have said that My people are walking in a new day and a new dawn. What was will not be your portion. There is no gloom and doom faces in My Kingdom. Change the expression on your face. Have I stopped coming through for My Children? Do you expect Me to start now? Many seem to want or just plain think I have walked away and letting nature take its course. This is nonsense and a fools mindset that will only lead to destruction.

My Spirit invites you to an intimate way of life. One where no worry can grab your soul. Where healing falls upon you the minute you cry out to Me. I have told you to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, and cast out demons. If those were not in your spiritual ability, I would not have said so. It is time to dig deeper if you want all that I have spoken and promised. No more just getting by week to week. You are made for so much more. Full Sonship is yours. All of My Kingdom resources are yours. My angels are at the ready just for you. We are moving up the ladder rungs. No more sitting on the ground looking up. Time to climb up!”

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