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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 20, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 6/20/2016

The Father says, “You have seen storms rise up against you, but many have not fully seen the storms that I create and send out against the enemy. Can you hear the stomping of footsteps as the great fleeing begins? Many think that the shaking and rumbling that the world goes through is always a negative sign and My answer of judgment. Have you stopped to consider that I Am responding the enemy’s actions over the Earth and not about what the people are doing or not doing? Surely there are people in alignment with the enemy that goes unseen as well. My wrath was satisfied on the Cross. Yes, there are times that I must still deal with unrepentant sin, but anger is not My motive.

Love is My response to the world. I love you too much to leave you stuck where you are; either by your own doing or because of the actions of the enemy in your life. I will not become an angry God no matter how many times people want Me to judge someone they disagree with. Christ died so that mankind could be restored unto Me. I love who you hate. I love them so much that I may even send you to bring them into My Kingdom. Look beyond what you feel, and see My Glory before you. If I create a way where there is no way, then know that I Am behind you being sent. Will you refuse Me and what I desire to do in your life? Let Me show you why I love them. Let Me show you why I desire to redeem them.

You were once on the outside looking in. Somehow and someway here you are right next to Me. Do you think it was an accident or a well laid out plan to get you into My Arms? I choose to use you not because you are perfect or have it all together. No in fact, everything you think disqualifies you is exactly what I will use. To say you have nothing to offer is an oxymoron. You have Christ and there is nothing else required. You have the Godhead to shape every aspect of your day. Do you think any servant of Mine thought they were prepared and ready to go? HA! I will make and break you into the right vessel for any and all things I will use you for. There is no part of this that is up to you except a willing and able heart and mind.

Stop finding reasons to divide yourself from others. You once lived in full love with these very same people before the earthly realm came into your reality. Now is your time to work with Me and not against My purposes for all of humanity. I Am not finished reaching the lost and dying world. I gave you time to come into My Kingdom, and I will afford the same grace to others. You are here for a brief and flashing moment on this Earth. Use your time for good and not for evil. Be a blessing and not a curse. Without Love, nothing else matters at the end of the day. Let My love shine bright through your daily actions. I Am stirring many beautiful things on the inside of you in this hour. Will you yield to what I desire for you?”

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