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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 19, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 6/19/2016

The Father says, “I Am upgrading your internal GPS unit, but in ways you had not anticipated. In this hour, I Am updating your current system to work more efficiently for what you are up to right now, but I have a surprise. I Am also digging up your old unit and bringing it up to date as well. Oh, I Am not done yet. I Am also giving you a brand new system that will include maps to new territories that you never dreamed I would send you to. You see there are old assignments long forgotten about that I Am reviving in this hour. I will update and give them a fresh new purpose in guiding you in what is yours. You also have current assignments that will benefit from the spiritual upgrades I have been doing internally within you.

But I say to you, the best is yet to come. This new GPS unit is out of this world. This unit has technology in it that you have never experienced before. You will be able to get done the things I have given you in record time and preciseness. You will have the best available at your disposal. New weapons and new gifts to get much done in this season. Things that you struggled in will now be a breeze. You will wonder why you ever worked through your flesh to accomplish the great and mighty things in the past. I will teach you what walking in My Spirit really means for everything you put your hands to.

A new awareness of your true identity is coming in a mighty wind. Love for who I so deeply love will fill your heart and mind. You are My truly beloved. You are worthy even when you feel you have failed Me greatly. I Am your helper, and I will guide you even clearer in this season. You will find it difficult to miss My Voice and even if you misstep, I will just recalculate your path. Place down your worries and thoughts of letting others down. I Am writing your path on My Maps. You will arrive just as I have spoken.

This season is a gateway to the next season in favor that you will not see until you are near the end. I Am setting you up for amazing doors that will open wide to make way for you. What I Am doing in and through you will be desired by even your enemies. People who have denied that you are mine, will bow before all that you are doing for My Namesake. Those that spoke against you and behind your back will celebrate that they know your name. Get ready for the tide is turning, and I will lift up whom I choose and lower who I choose. Now is your time to be seen and known as My Beloved who I would do anything for.”

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