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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 16, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word June 16, 2016

The Father says, “There are moments in life when being in a rush keeps you from knowing My will for your life. When you see every decision as something on a check list, then you will overlook what needs to transpire at that moment. Do not get caught up in the routine of life. You are here for more than some cosmic accident. Even in your times of great joy, I have more to reveal to you than what is easily seen on the surface.

You were not created just to live in the natural world. Many believe if there is such a thing as the supernatural, then it must only be after this world passes. I tell you today My friend, that you are first made of spirit. This is who you truly are. You are only confined to the natural when that is all you choose to see. I have not put such limitations on you however. I have allowed many to travel in the spirit

throughout the age of mankind. You will only experience what you are open to and desire to journey in. You are created in My image. Too many see this as a one sided attribute and meaning nothing in reality.

Do you see My power as only what could fit into the Bible? Do you think I stopped doing supernatural things with My people of today? Your mind is what limits you. Let go of that box and religious rules and systems. I choose you to take on the wild ride in the world of the unseen. Man is better off because of the works of the Cross than what was in the Garden of Eden. You have more now then anyone in any generation before you had. This is your portion. I blessed mankind back greatly for the pain the enemy inflicted upon all. See the cross as great joy and not sorrow. You were paid for and taken back by My Will.

I desire to show you all that My Sons and Daughters can do through Me. You do not have to wait until one day someday. I will do amazing things with you now. Being My Child is far more than a get into heaven card. Oh, My Child you have no idea how brilliant and bright your relationship with Me truly is. You are already worthy to partake in the miraculous. You are able to tap into your inheritance here on Earth. Do not wait for tomorrow. Grab what is yours right now. My people are walking into a new reality as My Sons and Daughters that will forever shape who is hungry for more of Me.”

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