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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 14, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word June 14, 2016

The Father says, “You are going to have critics. The closer you walk with Me, the more people will spring up to claim you are wrong and misguided. Learn to have a deaf ear out of love for them and not strife. I will deal with your accusers. Bless them and release them to Me. You cannot convince a mind that has already decided that they are right. Release the mind within yourself that you have to be right, for this stems from pride.

It does not matter who makes illegitimate claims against you, I know the truth and I will settle the score against you. When you let the enemy's arrows distract you then you play into his hands and wander off course. The enemy will always demand that you answer charge after charge and accusation after accusation. You will never satisfy their argument. I will be your guide and I will tell you when you are off course. If you are seeking Me daily, you will not miss My shifts in your life.

I Am asking you this hour to work with an increase of humility. You have been promoted, but many will not see this new level in your life right away. Be okay with their delayed reaction and acceptance, that you have indeed gone Higher in My ways. People will try to keep you at the old level and even push you back down at times. You are not leaving familiar people behind, but they may not be able to go with you from here on out. Do not let an offended heart sink into your life. Be flexible and at ease with those around you.

I have you in My hands. I have your steps arranged and in order. Just keep looking up and you will continue to rise above all adversity. I will heal your heart, and lavish you with My Goodness. The cost of abandoning the daily routine to be My servant, sold out and ready to go, is a high cost. The storms may become stronger, but you are much stronger and able to withstand any and all trials that rage against your walls. You have allowed Me to build those walls, brick by brick. You have earned your promotion. I Am well pleased with you!”


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