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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 12, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 6/12/2016 The Father says, “When you are tired of the old, just ask for something New. I have not created your days to be a boredom or burden upon your shoulders. When you look around, do you see a life that brings you an abundance of joy? Let Me help you find this kind of life, for I have not designed you to live in anything less. This joy is not dependent upon circumstances. It is solely reliant upon the Maker of your days. I will give you My Heavenly perspective on any and all minutes in your day. Even in the dark, I will show you all that is working around you for your blessings and favor. There is no lack in your life in reality. It is only what you choose to behold in your heart and mind. In all things there is a celebration and a feast before My Table. If you choose to eat of man’s ways, you will pass by all that has been made way for you in this hour. I know what I Am doing in every aspect of your life. There is nothing out of My Control. I know where you are supposed to be going. The map is set out before you. Even when the enemy over plays his hand, I will give you back more than you lost. You will reap a beautiful season of great rewards as long as you do not give up. Do not live with the anticipation of how the past has gone. I Am writing your present not your past. What you have hope and belief for is what your Now will look like. Many say they have full faith in Me, but at the end of the day, they are still reciting the negative thoughts of a time long gone. You cannot move forward when your mind is living in the waste of the past. It is time to get serious about what you are here to do. Be careful for failure to get up and do what I have instructed is rebellion. What I have for you in this hour is for this hour! I Am sending you to this assignment, and I will not hand it off to someone else if you refuse. I will not always tell you the why of what you are doing. Obedience is your key to open up the supernatural over your life and those you will impact. Seeing ahead of this plan is not a requirement. I promise to use you for great and mighty exploits. Now is the time to take ownership of.”

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